This is the official website of the Tested Comunity Minecraft server. We do have a few rules. Please remember
to register for the forum and have fun! (Bukkit 1.7.8)

Ground Rules
  • The server is will auto-kick when AFK (no ban).
  • Seek permission before altering other's property
  • Do not build directly on established Paths.
  • Do not build giant ugly structures and abandon them.
  • Do not raid chests.
  • Let us know what you built! Stick a sign on what you build.
  • The golden rule: Don't be a dick.
  • Have fun!
  • I'm!

    We've got you covered. There isn't an ingame tutorial (yet), but here is some material to help you get started in game.

    1. [Wiki] Minecraft Crafting Guide - recipes for many in-game items.
    2. [Video] How to Survive your First night [in Minecraft] - gives excellent insight on the basic aspects of minecraft. Building, crafting, etc.
    3. [Text] Mind the Gap - Rock Paper Shotgun's own Minecraft guide to getting started.
    4. Customize yourself! Choose a skin or make your own.
    5. Start small. Choose a project that you can achieve, then branch out and experiment!
    Alright. I'm ready.

    Cool. You can join the server at The server works on a light-moderation, heavy-consequence basis: if you do something that really ruins the gameplay for other players, you can be handed a lengthy account ban on the server. Offenses and account suspensions on the Minecraft server are in no way affiliated, linked or related to your Tested account - they're two separate entities, and you will not receive a ban on the forums for anything done on the Minecraft server.

    To get into the Minecraft server, you'll first need to register and purchase a paid account at After you have done so, you can either play the the game through the browser, or download the client .exe from the Minecraft website. Please note that you'll need Sun Microsystem's Java to play Minecraft. Once you have accessed the game (either through the desktop client or through your browser), you will want to click on 'Multiplayer' and type in the server address,

    I can't build. Help!

    When you first join the server, you will be able to roam around and look at everything, but you cannot build. To request permission to build, please visit the Tested Minecraft Signup Form.